You can turn to Maskes for all types of maintanance that need to be done to your scooter. Wherter it is annual servicing or a major repair. 

Overhauling engines, speedometers and shock absorbers is again no problem at Maskes. By giving your scooter its timely maintenance you prevent standing along side the road.

If you can do the service and maintenance yourself, we gladly provide you with advice and the right parts.



Maskes exchange system

At Maskes we have developed a exchange system for specifc parts. For instance you turn in your old rims and with a small fee you go home with a complete set of original powdercoated rims. No more flat tires and this is our way of making sure that all the original parts stay in circulation. 

The same goes for cylinder cowlings which we provide with a new layer of shrinkage lacquer etc. In our webshop you will find a list of the available services. 


At Maskes you will find parts for any type of classic Vespa. The new parts that we sell are solely of A- quality. Through our years of experience with these components, in restorations and repairs, we get a good picture of the individual quality fo the parts. 

Besides new parts we own a large stock of 2nd hand parts. Are you looking for a specific part which cannot be supplied new don't hesitate to contact us.

And then there are some parts that can be provided for from New Old Stock. Deze parts, ols but never used before, often have a excellent fit and perfect functionality. How perfect reproduction can be, you will immediately recognize NOS parts. 

Our complete collection of parts can soon be found in our webshop


"Service, knowledge and A-quality parts for your classic Vespa..."


You are always welcome to have a look inside our shop, our showroom or our work place. With a cup of coffee it is nice to have a chat about your scooter. Are you looking for advice? We are happy to answer all your questions.